Co-Innovation Biotech Co (CIBIO®) was founded in 2012 in Guangzhou, China.

We specialize in R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of rapid in vitro diagnostic tests and detection readers. We offer extensive products including lateral flow immunoassays for fertility( pregancy and ovulation test), drugs of abuse, infection, and tumor markers.

Co-Innovation Biotech is an ISO certified manufacturer. Our products are 510(k) cleared, CLIA waived, CE and OTC. We provide large scale OEM and CMO services to various organizations and retail business around the world.

Co-Innovation Biotech is a leader in the research, design, production, and supply of advanced in vitro diagnostic test products for professional use and home use. We are committed to advancing personal health and well-being and delivering the needs of our consumers through a continuing flow of new and inventive developments. Our mission is to construct first-class products while providing outstanding customer service. We want to accomplish this while enjoying life and maintaining exceptional health.